In the "early days" of my journey, I searched out connections that would enable me to get lost in another and forget myself for a while. Then, when I found my true Twin Flame, I realized I could never have experienced and lived this love without strengthening my connection with my Self—first. 

This is why I believe in this journey and try to help others through what I've experienced and learned. It has completely changed the relationship I have with myself and others in my life. 

Until I found my onethe one in whom I can clearly see myselfI had four "near" Twin relationships and instances. Almost all bore the TF symptoms and signs you read about online. That's why I sometimes write that it's erroneous for people to believe that they will "see" their Twin Flame without first coming to know themselves. In reality, no matter how strongly their chakras tingle or how often they've been re-assured by psychics, most people project rather than recognize their true Twin Flame partner. 

The true Twin Flame really is about being in tune to you: your vibration, your sacred inner place, and your divine masculine and feminine energies. That's what makes it different from other relationships and why most authentic TFs first meet in consciousness, in other words—in a form of meditation or in dreams.

The one who assists us to evolve and grow within the context of ourselves is, for all intent and purposes, our Twin Flame or, at least, our Twin Flame for now...

This special soul could be our "outer counterpart", the person we perceive to be our Twin Flame, or it could be our Divine counterpart "in spirit" who can be visualized through meditation, active imagination, journaling, painting, drawing, or dream work. It honestly doesn't matter, because in the end, it is never about the other. It's always about the Self.

Blessings and love,


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