How often do we hear that the secret to the Twin Soul/Flame is to detach? LOL, right? Easier said than done. However, truth is that whether your Twin Soul is in physical or spirit, you feel the connection strengthen when you are relaxed and not overly attached.

Attachment is human. Even when we get attached too quickly or to the wrong people, we are expressing a natural impulse.

Sometimes attachment is about approval. In other words, the degree of how attached we become is amplified by the insecurities we carry. Understanding and, in some cases, forgiving ourselves for this, lightens the load.

And attachment is a load, which is why it hinders the connection or prevents real connection from coming through. Attachment can become heavy and unhealthy. It can affect your peace of mind, especially when the one you are attached to is not loving, accepting, or approving of you. If this is your situation right now, replace the need for his or her love, acceptance, and approval with that of your own.

Start loving yourself through positive imagination and affirmations. Once you fully accept and love yourself, the other's approval will mean little to you—and your deepest desires will magnetically begin to come true. 

Blessings and love,


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